World companies engaged in corporate tourism within the EU countries often become a payer of taxes of foreign states and do not realize that they have rights to refund VAT

One of the main conditions for VAT refund is the implementation of payments from the account of the company


Control in accounting

The modular system saves time and money, offering a wide range of functions, including – fund-raising, payroll management and an accounting report

Business Tax Free Card

Use Business Tax Free prepaid cards to provide your employees with prepaid funds for various corporate expenses, to reimburse 100% VAT

Corporate online account

Corporate online account, not tied to the main bank account of the company with an unlimited number of prepaid cards Business Tax Free

Management of business trips

Management of business trips with an approved budget for corporate travel in the system Business Tax Free

Blockchain technology

Business Tax Free is aimed at helping to recover the amount of value added tax that will operate as a “digital jurisdiction” based on Blockchain