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Tax Free Market (TFM) is a universal social commerce platform where everyone, regardless of age and profession, can easily open their own online store and start their own business without any investment.

We connect suppliers, designer, fashion and independent brands with buyers through retailers, enabling small retailers to effectively connect and sell their products through social media channels and instant messengers.

Our professional entrepreneurial experience in export and import in the world and information technology allow us to maximize the full potential of online sales in digital transformation.

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To expand the possibilities, Tax Free Market has create a set of B2B and B2C software tools for retail consumers and wholesalers.

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Get money for each purchased product – an affiliate commission. Earn money from sales of famous and independent brands!

Easily add, promote and sell on social networks. Let the blogger be the seller and the seller be the blogger.

Let customers order directly from your social networks posts and a shop with your shop's brand style.

Social networks are great marketplaces since people spend a lot of time on them anyway.


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