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Tax Free Market (TFM) is a digital platform that automatizes the process of VAT reimbursement to online shoppers outside of Europe. TFM helps European brand lovers to leverage their bargain-hunting experience. We grant up to an additional 15% discount for shoppers outside of Europe ( e.g. USA). In European countries, the average VAT rate is around 20%, that translates into c.15% of a price discount.

We offer

  • Best prices and discounts at ANY shop
  • Access to the most exclusive European brands
  • Only verified VAT-registered European shops
  • Multistore cart
  • Real cash refund
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No more

  • High prices
  • Time lost searching for the best deal
  • Tedious form-filling
  • Shopping scams
  • Virtual cash


All European shops must set prices including VAT. Every non-EU resident is eligible to receive a VAT refund while purchasing online if they live outside the EU country.
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1. Add Tax Free Market browser extension from Google Chrome Store NOW

Download and create a TFM account. Make sure that the extension is enabled.

2. Start shopping

Check out your favorite store! If we have no integration, please send the request. The request will be processed within a few hours (Shop list). Remember that there is no need to add your item to the cart in the e-shop, only in the TFM extension, and continue to checkout in TFM.
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3. Checkout in your TFM account

You can save all your items from all shops in one cart and check out or continue shopping at any time in your TFM account.

4. Secure payment with Stripe

TFM extension purchase view
If you have any questions, please visit our Documentation or Contact Us.
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Offline to Online

Scan any item’s barcode in any store in Europe and get the best price with TFM and delivery straight to your doorstep. Forget about uncomfortable luggage transportation and expensive costs.
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World-famous EUROPEAN brands from your favorite store with discount
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